Let’s Get Tangled!

tangled teamtangled team

For Moriah’s 7th Birthday party, she wanted to do a Tangled theme from the new Disney movie. I had a hard time finding ideas  for this party but after getting the creative juices flowing, we came up with some fun ideas. We decorated the party using the palace colours of Purple and Yellow and hung paper lanterns from the ceiling.  Some of the party activities included pin the nose of Flynn Rider’s wanted poster, watching the Tangled movie while munching on goodies from the candy bar and making our very own lanterns for guests to take home!

The guest all came dressed as royalty which made it fun for all.  For Flynn’s costume we used a white dress shirt with a blue vest, coupled with brown pants, brown boots, belt and purse. All found at the thrift store! Rapunzels’ dress was a special party dress that she had passed down from her older sister. We  added the wig for fun.


Party Favour bags were found at the Dollar Store and the party crackers we made using cardboard paper rolls. We filled each roll with a ziplock baggie of candies. Then covered them in tissue paper and tied with a ribbon. A very simple yet fun party treat for the guests to take home.

Frying Pan Fruit

In Keeping with the theme of the Tangled movie, we made a fruit platter using a frying opan as the serving tray. For an added touch, we tinted the fruit dip with purple food coloring.


Rapunzel’s Lanterns

For a party activity the girls, made these lanterns using canning jars and torn pieces of tissue paper. Glue the tissue paper inside the lanterns. Decorate the outside with stickers, beads, ribbon, etc.  Add a fake tea light (found at most dollar stores) for the light. Do not use real candles as the tissue paper can catch on fire!   When all lit up these lanterns look amazing!


Pascal Blowers! These were fun for the kids to make.  We cut out 2 face shapes from craft foam. Glued them together with a red party blower inside. Then glued google eyes to the front. Tip: To help keep the foam from coming apart while the glue was drying, we attach a clothespin to each side of the face.


We chose various colorful candies to put on the candy table. In order to keep the girls from getting tummy aches, we added a closed and open sign so they knew when they could get candy and when it was time for a break. Most of the candies we purchased from the bulk isle in our grocery store (much cheaper that way!) and dressed them up in various containers I found (and washed!) at thrift stores.


Jello Boats

Made to represent the boat that Flynn and Rapunzel rode in the movie. Using blue jello, we filled clear plastic cups half full for the water. We then garnished the cups with boats made from orange slices and grapes put together with a toothpick.cupcakes

Instead of spending lots of extra time and money on a cake this year, we opted to spend our resources on the other party stuff. So instead we came up with a simple but clever idea for cupcakes. Purple icing with silk flowers on top. The girls LOVED them! After licking the icing off of the cupcakes, they put the flowers in their hair.DSCN6985

Party Invites were made from pre-packaged card sets (I found these at the Dollar Store for $1.50 per package of 8). We cut a window in the top and braided some yarn to hang out of the window for Rapunzel’s hair.

All in all it turned out to be a really fun party. But I think Rapunzel summed it up best  when she says..”BEST DAY EVER!”  Hope these ideas inspire you to create a fun Tangled party for your little princess!

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