Easter Fun


Although easter has come and gone, I thought I would share with you some of the fun craft ideas I did with my kids this year. I spied these feather wreaths at a craft market and just loved them, but the price was a little too much for my budget so the kids and I decided to make our own for just a fraction of the cost. We purchased three feather boas and a straw wreath from the Dollar Store along with some decorative eggs and ribbon. The process was very simple. We wound the feather boas around the wreath then I hot glued the ornaments and ribbon on. It took about ten minutes and cost us only $6.00!
The other fun idea we came up with was Minion Eggs. I thought we were being quite original but after doing the project we found several blogs with the same concept. If your children like the Despicable Me movies then this is the craft for them. Using blue and yellow easter eggs, we simple switched tops with bottoms added electrical tape and google eyes for glasses and used sharpie to draw on faces. For fun I filled them with dried beans and hot glued them shut so kids could use them as musical shakers. This way we get to enjoy them all year!