Hedwig Cake

With Halloween just around the corner, why not throw a Harry Potter party? This would be an excellent way to introduce young readers to the world of chapter books.  For a classroom setting you could read the book out loud to the class. When the book is completed, have a class party to celebrate! Children can come in costume and participate in Potter themed activities while you serve Harry Potter themed snacks.  The possibilities are endless! To inspire you, I have shared a few pics of a lovely Harry Potter party my friend Janet gave for her daughter Cali’s 7th birthday along with the instructions for the adorable Hedwig Cake I made for the occasion. Enjoy!

DSCN6387 DSCN6388 DSCN6395

To make the Hedwig cake you will need:

1 box white cake mix

1 bag of shredded coconut (feathers)

2 white gumdrops (ears)

2 yellow gumdrops (eyes)

1 orange gumdrop (beak)

2 black jelly beans (eyeballs)

2 orange gummy candies (feet)


white icing

2 wing shaped cardboard cutouts

black icing


Place the cake batter in  an 8 cup glass (oven safe) pyrex measuring bowl for the body and in a 2 cup glass pyrex measuring cup for the head.  Bake according to box instructions.

Turn cake upside down and place small cake on top of large cake to resemble the owl’s body and head.  Attach with toothpicks and icing as glue.

Attach cardboard wings to sides of cake. Cardboard should be strong enough to slide right into the cake itself.

Ice the entire cake including the cardboard wings with white icing.

Cover in coconut.

Using kitchen scissors cut out shapes from gumdrops to make beak , feet and ears.  Place on cake.

Attach gumdrop eyes with toothpicks and glue on eyeballs with icing.

Drop small spoonfulls of black icing onto cake to look like Hedwig’s spots.

Bon appetite!

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