Super Mario Birthday Party


mario&princess peach

Everyone loves a good party, especially five year olds!  My son Malachi loves Super Mario so for his fifth birthday, we did a Super Mario themed party.  We made a mushroom cake and cupcakes and decorated the room like the video game by using poster board.  Small yellow paper plates hung from the ceiling served as the coins. The party games included Pin the Mustache on Mario,  A Question Box pinata, and Yoshi Egg Hunt.  The question mark pinata was simply a cardboard box filled with candy coins and covered with yellow paper. For the Yoshi Egg hunt we covered candy filled plastic Easter Eggs with white dot stickers and hid them around the yard. This was by far the favourite game of the party.  The entire party was done on a very limited budget which goes to show that with a little creativity, love, and time, you can make magic happen for your child!  Hope this inspires you to make your child’s next birthday party Super Fun!