Halloween Art

As the autumn air begins to roll it’s way into town, I begin to feel a
sense of excitment rising up inside me. The school year is well underway and the lazy
days of summer are long gone..but with each falling leaf, my toes
begin to tingle..it’s Halloween time!
Ghosts and goblins begin popping up all over town. Displayed in
storefront windows and on the neighbor’s doorsteps.  The fallen leaves
serve as a backdrop for this magical time of year.
Taking my children shopping at the local thrift store to pick out their costume is so much fun and I find that I always spend way too much time working on my own costume. I suppose it is the one time of year I can pretend to be a child again and play dress up!

Being a teacher has advantages as there are so many fun activities to do for Halloween. Here are a few examples of some easy Halloween themed art projects I have done in my classrooms.

For Preschool, we cut out various shapes from construction paper and let the children glue on paper scraps and google eyes. The kids loved putting lots of eyes on their spiders! Another fun fall art project was placing fall eaves onto a tree trunk. I used silk leaves found at the dollar store but have also used real leaves collected on nature walks .

For older children we made spider webs by weaving yarn between popsicle sticks and adding spiders  we made from pom pons and pipe cleaners.  Another fun paper craft for older children is to create witch legs and monster faces using construction paper shapes and crayons. This was a simple activity but really got the creative juices flowing as each child is so unique.  Hope these art projects will inspire you to create some fun and spooky masterpieces with your own children!  Happy Halloween!