Happy Halloween!


As the autumn air begins to roll it’s way into town, I begin to feel a sense of excitment rising up inside me. School has begun and the lazy days of summer are long gone..but with each falling leaf, my toes begin to tingle..it’s Halloween time!

Ghosts and goblins begin popping up all over town. Displayed in storefront windows and on the neighbor’s doorsteps.  The fallen leaves serve as a backdrop to this magical time of year.

I usually take each child out on a special date with mom to pick out their costume. The children look forward to their special time as it gives each one a chance to tell me all about what is going on in their lives and lets them know just how important they are as an individual, something that sometimes gets lost in a big family. Shopping for costumes together is so much fun!

I also love to dress up for the holiday and usually spend way too much time working on my own costume. I suppose it is the one time of year I can pretend to be a child again and play dress up!

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Halloween!