Valentine Butterflies

To make this beautiful butterfly collage, simply cut out various heart shapes and let your child glue them onto construction paper in a butterfly shape.  This makes a lovely placemat for a Valentine party when laminated.Image


Holiday Art Projects for Preschoolers

Christmas time is filed with excitement and wonderment.  Young children love to create and explore all of the senses during the holidays. Children love cooking and creating during the holidays. Involve your children in as much of the planning and preparations as possible. This helps to foster a sense of ownership in the festivities and builds independence and pride within your child. I have posted some of my favourite Christmas crafts that I have done in my classrooms and at home with my children. It just takes some time and a few simple supplies to complete these holiday art projects. May you enjoy the holidays and always keep the wonder and magic of Christmas alive in your hearts!


A cute reindeer made by tracing your child’s feet and hands!


Paper plate Santas or elves are made by glueing on packing peanuts for the beard , google eyes and construction paper triangles for the hats.


Construction paper trees are fun to decorate with foam shapes, buttons, sequins an glitter!