Music and Movement

musicMusic paired with creative movement engages the young mind and allows the young child an opportunity to develop early literacy skills.  Music and movement benefits a child’s development in so many ways. It builds social skills, helps children express emotions, enhances self awareness, develops large motor skills, and improves balance and coordination. Here are some fun ideas for integrating music and movement into your classroom or home.

Musical Hoola Hoops- Instead of musical chairs, use hoola hoops! Children dance around the hoola hoops and when the music stops they jump in the middle. (I have also used this game with teens and they had a blast!)

Musical Hugs- Children dance around until the music stops. When the music stops they find a friend to hug.

Mario Lava- Place carpet squares around the room. Play the Mario theme song while children jump from one carpet square to another.

Fireworks-Place large bubble wrap sheets on the floor and let the children dance on them to various styles of music. Perfect game for Canada Day, Fourth of July or Chinese New Year!

Name Game- Another variation of musical chairs: Place children’s names around room. When the music stops they find their name. Great game to teach letter recognition.