Frugal Family Fun!


This February in British Columbia, a new official holiday was introduced called Family Day.  The holiday is intended to bring families closer together by providing a special day to just spend time together. So in honour of this new holiday, I have listed some fun and inexpensive ways to bond together as a family. Also for your enjoyment, my six year old has written a song just for the occasion! (Click on the link below to have a listen.)

Fun ideas for cold and dreary winter nights!

1.Have an inside camp out with sheets for a tent

2.Have a pick up party (clean the house together with fun music and special treats!)

3.Watch a family movie and make tickets for popcorn and treats

4.Bake cookies together

5. Go swimming at the local pool

6.Visit the library

7.Have a family dance party

8.Host a fancy dinner for your kids, let them help prepare and serve

9.Make music together

10.Scrapbook together

11.Have a treasure hunt around the house

12.Play board games or do puzzles

13. Make art!  Put out various art supplies and get crafty!

14.Invite friends over for dinner

15.Build lego together

16.Have a fashion show

17.Make up a story together . Write it down and have children do the illustrations

18.Read together

19.Do a science experiment

20. Make sock puppets and have a puppet play

These are all ideas I have used with my own kids. If you have any more ideas to share, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

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