Classical Music and the Young Child

There has been much debate on whether or not classical music is beneficial to the development of young minds.  It is my experience that classical music does indeed benefit children of all ages. Children love to hear the different sounds orchestral instruments can make. Letting children listen to various types of music helps to develop creativity within the young mind. Classical music serves as the foundation on which most styles of music are built upon so by exposing young children to Bach and Beethoven, you are helping to foster a love of music which can last a life time.  Because it is close to Valentine’s Day, I have been playing various classical love songs for the children and to my surprise they have quite enjoyed this exercise.  I keep a variety of instruments close by so that they can experiment and try to mimic the sounds and melodies that they have listened to. By encouraging children to try new sounds and songs, you are giving them the confidence to become musicians and to appreciate music.  Here is a short clip of my two little ones trying out the love song, “Habanera” from the opera Carmen.  I guarantee it will put a smile on your face!

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